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Because we sell our product in different marketplace, like CreativeMarket, FontBundles, TheHungryJPEG ,etc. So, if you buy our product from that site , you must agree with the license that each site provide to you. Or, you can find the license bellow. Please read the license carefully before purchase or download. Generally we have two license for our fonts , vector and designs toolbox product.

Personal Use License

Include "freebies", "lite version" category. 

You Can. 

The personal license covers the following activities:

  • Fonts/designs may be used in personal projects for yourself

You Cannot. 

Our personal license prohibits commercial activities, here are some examples of how fonts under the personal license should not be used:

  • Fonts/designs may not be used in commercial projects which are then sold
  • Fonts/designs not be used in print material which is then sold
  • Fonts/designs may not be re-distributed for free or paid. You cannot resell the product.

The idea of personal license is to allow users to gain a free version of a premium font to be used in personal projects. For any commercial use the full version of the font must be purchased.

Premium License

For personal and commercial use. Here's what is allowed and not allowed. 

You Can 

  • Fonts/designs may be used in multiple projects
  • Fonts/designs may be used in work for yourself or a client
  • Fonts/designs may be used in print material which is then sold

You Cannot. 

  • Fonts/designs may not be re-distributed for free or paid . You cannot resell the product.
  • Fonts/designs digital files may not be included in products for sale
  • We have created some example use cases to help you find out what you can do with fonts You Can. Any Circuit products for yourself or to be sold to other people
  • Using font in products such as shirt designs for yourself or to be sold to other people
  • Using font in other printed designs (posters, books) which can be sold to other people
  • Using web-enabled fonts in website projects where the files are not distributed for free or paid
  • You Cannot Including font in compiled software which can be sold to end users (e.g. iOS apps). 
  • Selling a digital design to other users which directly includes the font files used in the project
  • Distributing font uncompiled in software
  • Selling software or products including the font, which can then be installed and used by the end-user

You only can give information about the fonts used (font name) and download link . not include the fonts file in your end product.


Please understand. Because this is digital product. And we sell digital designs and creativity. So we have no money back guaranteed (you cannot refund your purchases). This is our decision to protect both seller (us) and buyer. So please , only purchase our product if you really like or love or need it. Read the product descriptions , files detail, sample work, image presentations etc wisely, before you decide to purchase or download, However, any problem with files, installation tutorial, error, broken zip files (corrupt download), if that happen , please contact us, we can help you to fix it. So you can use our product easily , happily and wisely.

By purchasing and downloading our product, It's mean you agree with our term and License. For, both personal license and premium license.